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 With the rising of fuel oil prices and the environmental pollution becoming more serious, XSNano fuel saving additive is developed with liquid nano-technology, which is a super-concentrated environmentally friendly multi-functional fuel additive that is an “all-in-one” power booster, fuel saver, emissions reducer, engine protector and combustion chamber deposit cleaner.
It is the latest generation of streamlined fuel additive in the world.

XSNano saves Fuel


Looking for cut price fuel?
Get big fuel savings every day with XSnano in your tank.
XSNano Fuel Saving Lubricants  

Prevent wear and protect your engine while you save money, simplicity is the key.

 XSNano can’t cause any damage to engines, but it can protect all machinery.

Our products: XSNano Gasoline Saving Additive (NGA), XSNano Diesel Saving Additive (NDA), and XSNano Lubricant oil Additive (NLA). 

XSNano doesn’t COST you extra money.


XSNano actually SAVES you extra money. 

With petrol engines you can go back to standard unleaded (91 octane) because XSNano will raise the octane without the extra cost of "Premium Fuels" at the petrol bowser.


XSNano can reduce your fuel consumption, so you use less fuel.


XSNano lubricates your fuel system to prevent wear and costly repairs.

Nano Technology and Principle

see video


Nano, is a long measure, its unit is nm.

1 nm (nanometer) = 0.000000001m (meter) = 0.000001mm (milimeter).

XSNano-fuel additive is studied and produced by the thermodynamic stability of liquid nano technology.

Mixing with fuel oil, it will spread rapidly to become nano-scale particles of liquid water in fuel molecules, to form a thermodynamically stable dispersed phase.

Atomized by the carburetor or injected by nozzle into fuel chamber, during the  latter part of the engine's compression stroke (deflagration), the temperature will exceed the boiling point of water, so that the water droplet particles in the steam explode, then make the fuel split Into a decimal scale hundreds of times that of the original scale of oil and gas particles (molecules), fuel is vaporized so well, that it will make fuel combustion fully explosive.


This process will make fuel instable when XSNano additive mixes with air, then activity of oil will be increased, thereby improving the combustion properties of fuel (octane). It can make a significant reduction in fuel consumption and engine power performance is improved significantly.

This process will make fuel instable when XSNano additive mixes with air, then activity of oil will be increased, thereby improving the combustion properties of fuel (octane). It can make a significant reduction in fuel consumption and engine power performance is improved significantly.

                          Figure 1 - Before XSNano added                    


Figure 2 - After XSNano added

XSNano fuel saving additive is a strong physical surface-active fuel additive.  So it will not hurt any machinery.

The fuel droplets will have a micro-steam explosion hundreds of millions times in every working part of the engine with the nano-particles.

For new engines, which play a minor role in maintaining the surface of combustion chamber, it will avoid the sediment and carbon, and to ensure that the engine is working at the correct operating point.

For old engines, It will break down the original sediments, in particular, to reduce the sediments in the upper of piston and valve, so that the engine works better and the power is improved.

XSNano fuel saving additive is stable, and the mixture of thermodynamic is also stable after we add XSNano into the fuel.

Our liquid nano-technology can change the surface tension of water; it makes the nano particles a negative energy in the fuel, the particles smaller, the energy will be lower.

To keep the fuel mixture longer, nano particles will get more and smaller, therefore, the mixture will be better, which will never suffer condensation and stratification at room temperature.

XSNano fuel saving additive does not contain harmful substances for environment or humans.

Storage Temperature: bellow 45°C.

Security by IATA test:
² No - Explosive hazard ;
² No - belong to Flammable liquid ;
² No - belong to Oxidizing substance ;
² No  -belong to Toxic substance ;
² No - belong to Radioactive Material ;
² No - belong to Corrosives.
² No - caused the second Pollution

Efficacy of XSNano fuel saving additive: NFA (Fuel Additive)
• To Save Fuel Oil : Up to 28% ;
• To Reduce harmful exhaust pollution : Up to 98 % ;
• To Clean colloid and carbon and impurities in system of fuel : Up to 99% ;
• To Increase vehicle’s power Up to 34% ;
• To Improve octane for gasoline engine : 4 – 8 ;
• To reduce the maintenance costs, and to extend engine’s life.

It can work well for new and old engines, in all fuels and all climates and seasons.
No engine modification is required.

XSNano Fuel Saving Additive directions: NFA - 288

The Application Dilution Ratio: 1 : 10,000 between NFA and Fuel Oil ;

5ml NGA can treat to 50Litres Petrol;
1Litre NDA can treat to 10,000 litres of Diesel. 

Efficacy of XSNano Lubricant oil additive: NLA
• Rolling Lubricating to decrease attrition ;
• Resisting pressure and high temperature ;
• Protect the engine, and improve its use life ;
• Extend cycle of changing Lubricant about doubled ;
• Improve power: Up to 28%;
• Save Fuel oil: Up to 10%;
• Reduce pollution: 40%,
• Reduce the machine noise up to 18 decibels.

XSNano Lubricant oil Additive Directions: NLA - 190
The Application Dilution Ratio: 1 : 1,000 between NLA and Lubricant Oil.
5ml NLA-190 can treat to 5 Litres Lubricant oil.

Use our NFA (fuel) and NLA (oil) at the same time, which we can get the best effect!

XSNano fuel additive is suitable for use in all types of motor vehicles, 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, including automobiles, trucks, buses, tractors, locomotives, motorcycles, tugboats and other industrial equipment, such as power generators.

The dosage proportion between additive and fuel is 1:10000(m/m) for NFA.
Add the correct amount of XSNano fuel additive directly into the fuel tank just before refueling.
Don’t need to make any adjustments to the engine.
For large quantity users, XSNano fuel additive can be added directly into the bulk storage tank just before refilling.
XSNano fuel additive dissolves easily into either petrol or diesel fuel. Special mixing is usually not necessary.

Notice for Using:
a) Not flammable nor explosive. Store in dark and dry place under 45℃.

b) Non poisonous, but it is stimulating when your skin touch it. Please wash thoroughly with water and seek medical help if the product enters the eyes.

c) Keep away from children.

Using advice:
After the first to use this product, or when your vehicle has not been fueled well (contaminated fuel), please wash or change oil filter.


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Bi-Tron products

Bi-Tron Dramatically Reduces Friction & Wear

Bi-Tron's dramatic reduction in friction and wear means that your engine, gearbox, diffs and hydraulics will last longer and go stronger.
When using Bi-Tron, your economy will increase and so will your power.
By using Bi-Tron Products throughout your vehicle you could save 20% and more on fuel costs, and virtually eliminate costly repairs and downtime. Your machines will be able to work longer and go stronger without stopping.
The Advanced Molecular Engineering techniques used to create Bi-Tron have revolutionized the way we treat friction and wear in engines and other moving parts such as gearboxes, diffs and hydraulics.
By reversing the polarity of Bi-Tron through Molecular Engineering we are finally able to treat the metal parts, (NOT THE OIL)
Bi-Tron products are the best way to provide constant and thorough lubrication to your engine and its components. They are so efficient that they can actually reduce the amount of fuel required to produce optimum power and performance, extend the life of your engine reduce heat in gearboxes, diffs, hydraulics systems and reduce harmful exhaust emissions.
Bi-Tron is attracted to metal surfaces, contains no solids, PTFE or metals, and will break loose any build up, carbon or scum from the metal surfaces, so parts can operate at their optimum performance level and extend the life of your engine. Free up piston rings and valves so your engine can operate properly.
Reduce harmful exhaust emissions by up to 90% with Bi-Tron.

Bi-Tron cannot void warranties.

There is always the question concerning the possible "threat" of cancellation of warranties by the manufacturers should "additives" be used in their automobiles or equipment.
Bi-Tron will not void warranties. In fact, it will probably dramatically extend the working life of your engine, it's oil and it's components.
Like oil, Bi-Tron is purely hydrocarbon in its make-up and so is compatible with all mineral and synthetic oils. It contains no solids of any kind and is non-corrosive. There is nothing present which could cause any damage of any kind to any metal components or seals.
Bi-Tron can dramatically reduce operating temperatures in hydraulics, resulting in fewer hose replacements and constant operating capabilities.

It really is that good!  (And we have results that prove it)
"Quite frankly, if you are not using Bi-Tron, then you are wasting your money".

And if you don't believe me, simply ask anyone that is using Bi-Tron.

"Prevention is cheaper than cure"
To prevent your engines and machinery from wearing is far less expensive than paying for the repairs. Save money by using Bi-Tron products before your equipment breaks down, and by reducing costly fuel bills and repairs.
Bi-Tron Engine Formulation is a unique 100% pure petroleum-based metal treatment that is compatible with all motor oils, including synthetics. Bi-Tron Engine Formulation is engineered specifically for the internal combustion engine (Petrol, Diesel, Natural Gas or Propane) and should not be confused with ordinary additives which have marginal benefits. It is a metal treatment which utilizes a SAE approved 30W re-refined base oil but does not replace your engine's oil.
Normally within hours or turning your engine off, virtually no oil remains on engine parts.
Bi-Tron coats all metal surfaces with a layer of positively charged ionic oil molecules. Bi-Tron Engine Formulation will protect your engine from the 90% of engine wear that occurs during cold starts, in the first critical moments before the motor's oil fully circulates.
Bi-Tron reduces friction and wear and so will extend the life of your oil and improve its lubricating qualities. It uses the package of additives present in your own oil and so takes on the characteristics of whichever oil it is used with (synthetic or mineral), and is effective under the most severe operating conditions. It is totally non-corrosive, contains no plastic particles, PTFE resins (PolyTetra Fluoro Ethylene - Teflon!"), molybdenum disulfide, lead or any other metal.
Bi-Tron helps break the vicious cycle of heat from friction expanding the metal - causing more friction - which may ultimately cause engine failure. Conventional oil becomes less viscous at elevated temperatures and flows away from the heat. Bi-Tron, however , is attracted to any hot spots (areas where engineering tolerances make for increased friction and therefore more heat and wear) because with the increased temperature there will be an increase in negative charge which attracts more of the positively charged Bi-Tron. This provides increased lubrication of the metal where it is needed most.
This unique specially developed and proven product can be a tremendous boost to the efficiency of your automobile, or machinery. To maximize these benefits, you should utilize the entire Bi-Tron product line. The Fuel Conditioners to lubricate the upper engine and improve the burn characteristics of the fuel, releasing more energy, the EP20 Engine Formula in the engine, and the EP40 Power and Gear Train Formula to reduce drag and friction down the drive train;




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