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 With the rising of fuel oil prices and the environmental pollution becoming more serious, XSNano fuel saving additive is developed with liquid nano-technology, which is a super-concentrated environmentally friendly multi-functional fuel additive that is an “all-in-one” power booster, fuel saver, emissions reducer, engine protector and combustion chamber deposit cleaner.
It is the latest generation of streamlined fuel additive in the world.

XSNano saves Fuel

 To purchase XSNano you can go straight to our online store or for bulk orders and bulk pricing email or contact
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“I can’t afford to save money” I hear you say.

These days, you can’t afford not to.

Most people focus on the fact that XSNano saves money by reducing their fuel consumption.

Well, that is just a bonus. What they should be focusing on is just how XSNano saves you that money.

We market XSNano as a “Fuel Saver” to grab your attention. Sure it saves fuel (and does it well) but it is what XSNano does to save that fuel that counts the most.

XSNano (through new Nano technology) provides a complete burn of the fuel you use (petrol or diesel), reduces the build up of carbon in engines, protects the engine and fuel system from oxidation and corrosion, increases octane and cetane in fuel, and lubricates engines and fuel systems so they operate at premium efficiency and power.

I hear every day about people forking out money for repairs that could have been avoided by maintaining a clean and lubricated system.

Fuels and oils

The fuel and oil we use today are terrible? Lead and Sulphur have been removed from fuels and ZDDP from oils, and there are other problems with additions of bio fuels, Ethanol etc. Storage is another main factor in fuel degradation.

It does not matter how old your vehicle or engine is, you could have a new car or truck, but the fuel going in it is terrible for the engine. Carbon build up can choke an engine causing severe damage.

Catalytic converters and SCR (selective catalytic reduction) units were introduced to re-burn exhaust to reduce NOx and carbon build up, but ZDDP was corroding the systems and was removed from oil.

XSNano cleans the system and keeps it clean, a complete burn of fuel burns off the NOx gasses and carbon in the combustion chamber, XSNano lubricant provides lubrication to the system, so your engine will run better, run cleaner and last much longer that those not using XSNano.

This is why you should buy XSNano, the fact that it also saves you far more money than it costs is simply a bonus.



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 XSNano can’t cause any damage to engines, but it can protect all machinery.

Our products: XSNano Gasoline Saving Additive (NGA), XSNano Diesel Saving Additive (NDA), and XSNano Lubricant oil Additive (NLA). 

XSNano doesn’t COST you extra money. XSNano actually SAVES you extra money. 

With petrol engines you can go back to standard unleaded (91 octane) because XSNano will raise the octane without the extra cost of "Premium Fuels" at the petrol bowser.


You can't reduce the cost of fuel, but you can reduce the amount you use.
XSNano can reduce your fuel consumption, so you use less fuel.

XSNano lubricates your fuel system to prevent wear and costly repairs.

                          Figure 1 - Before XSNano added                    


Figure 2 - After XSNano added

XSNano fuel saving additive does not contain harmful substances for environment or humans.
The dosage proportion between XSNano fuel additive and fuel is 1:10000 for NFA.
Add the correct amount of XSNano fuel additive directly into the fuel tank just before refueling.
Don’t need to make any adjustments to the engine.
For large quantity users, XSNano fuel additive can be added directly into the bulk storage tank just before refilling.
XSNano fuel additive dissolves easily into either petrol or diesel fuel. Special mixing is usually not necessary.

Efficacy of XSNano fuel saving additive: NFA (Fuel Additive)
• To Save Fuel Oil : Up to 28% ;
• To Reduce harmful exhaust pollution : Up to 98 % ;
• To Clean colloid and carbon and impurities in system of fuel : Up to 99% ;
• To Increase vehicle’s power Up to 34% ;
• To Improve octane for gasoline engine : 4 – 8 ;
• To reduce the maintenance costs, and to extend engine’s life.

It can work well for new and old engines, in all fuels and all climates and seasons.
No engine modification is required.

XSNano Fuel Saving Additive directions: NFA - 288

The Application Dilution Ratio: 1 : 10,000 between NFA and Fuel Oil ;

50ml NGA can treat to 500 Litres Petrol;
1Litre NDA can treat to 10,000 litres of Diesel. 

Efficacy of XSNano Lubricant oil additive: NLA
• Rolling Lubricating to decrease attrition ;
• Resisting pressure and high temperature ;
• Protect the engine, and improve its use life ;
• Extend cycle of changing Lubricant about doubled ;
• Improve power: Up to 28%;
• Save Fuel oil: Up to 10%;
• Reduce pollution: 40%,
• Reduce the machine noise up to 18 decibels.

XSNano Lubricant oil Additive Directions: NLA - 190
The Application Dilution Ratio: 1 : 1,000 between NLA and Lubricant Oil.
50ml NLA-190 can treat to 50 Litres Lubricant oil.

Use our NFA (fuel) and NLA (oil) at the same time, which we can get the best effect!

XSNano fuel additive is suitable for use in all types of motor vehicles, 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, including automobiles, trucks, buses, tractors, locomotives, motorcycles, tugboats and other industrial equipment, such as power generators.

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Tech Data:

ABN 15339668089  ACN  137 619 857

XSNano is "nano" engineering - using new "nano" technology

Bi-Tron is "molecular" engineering - using molecular technology

A "nano" is one millionth of a "molecule"

XSNano is developed and manufactured in China and imported to Australia and New Zealand by Lubrication Solutions P/L


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